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Our Flag 

Our Flag 
Our Rose 

— AN 

Our Country 



FEB 4 1933 



— >, 




john Mcdowell leavitt 



No. 48 West Twenty-Second Street 


Copyright, 1906, by 
John McDowell Leavitt 


Bit hia 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Princeton Theological Seminary Library 


Wave, Flag of Beauty ! starred on High, 
Our Fathers gave thee to the sky 

Mid storm and night : 
Baptized with blood, in battle torn, 
If, oft thy folds were stained and worn, 
Yet on to triumph were they borne, 

And Freedom's light. 

Fly, Flag of Freedom! Where a spot 
In darkness did thy beauty blot 

No stain we see. 
With thanks to Heaven our song we raise : 
All nations swell the voice of praise ! 
Each star gives splendor to the blaze 

Of Liberty. 

Float, Flag of Promise, o'er a world 
The pledge of Freedom wide unfurl'd 

On land and sea! 
Float on, forever gone thy stains ! 
Float on 'til Earth has burst her chains ! 
Float on while Heaven bends o'er our plains ! 

Thine Eagle free! 

Our Flag of Glory, fly no more 
Where mid mad battle's thunder-roar 

We brothers slay ! 
Glow love in souls where once glared ire ! 
Then never will a star expire 
Until the heavens in final fire 

Have passed away. 


Our Rose of Beauty, Queen of flowers, 
What make thy regal hues? 

Is it the drops of summer showers, 
Or sparkles of the dews? 

Oh, can that dark, repulsive earth, 
Which 'round thy roots is seen, 

Give this delicious fragrance birth, 
And paint thy living green? 

Or do these whispers of the air 

Waving thy graceful stem, 
A beauty give which kings despair 

To purchase in a gem? 

Perchance from golden realms of light 
Some glancing sunbeam weaves 

This bloom of glory, rich and bright, 
That lingers in thy leaves. 

Or with the blushes of the morn 

From heav'n an angel flies 
To spread these colors which adorn, 

The rivals of his skies. 

Can a celestial spirit hide 

Now in thy circling bloom, 
And lift thy stem in stately pride, 

And shed thy sweet perfume? 

My Queenly Rose ! What mystic power, 
What more than regal birth, 

Brings thee, a perishable flower, 
The homage of the earth? 

Eternal thought of God thou art, 

His beauty to enshrine! 
The charm that binds thee to each heart 

Resistless, is divine. 


Come, Freedom's sons, unite, 
Where waves our Flag of Light, 

One, strong and true! 
Ours is the furnace-blast! 
Ours is the old world's past! 
Ours is the work to cast 

All into new. 

'Twas o'er the far East first 
The light of Empire burst 

In Orient gleams; 
But Westward since its way ! 
Here let it's glories stay, 
Back — flashing earth's grand day 

In Freedom's beams ! 


Tis not the chain that makes the slave, 
Since, dared the tyrant's might, 

Mid dungeon-gloom will lie the brave 
In liberty and light. 

And let the baffled tyrants know 
That, while the flesh they kill, 

Each scorching flame, each mangling blow, 
Triumphant makes the will. 

The martyr-victor they behold 

Majestic in his chain, 
Unawed by power, unbought by gold, 

Unterrified by pain. 

If Wrong a universe could pile 

On his exulting soul, 
Amid a wreck of worlds he'd smile, 

Uncrushed beneath the whole. 


Fling out the sail ! the breeze is on the sea ! 

Fresh as young morn hope dances in each heart ; 
My native shore, a tear will drop for thee, 

Though bright this blush of dawn that bids us part ! 

I see her gay wing flutter for our start, 
And flies our ship above the sun-lit tide; 

Adieu ! Adieu ! far from the noisy mart, 
O'er the blue deep to other climes we glide, 
To seek the bloom of health as Heaven may smile and 

High climbs the sun along his path of fire, 
And with his crimson glory stains the bay! 

A pinnacle of light he makes each spire, 
And sparkles from the foam upon our way, 
And o'er the city flames in brighter day. 

Farewell, fond hearts ! Ye glowing isles, farewell ! 
Love's farewell beauty seems oe'r all to play; 

Now breasts our ship the ocean's mystic swell ! 

Adieu, ye fading shores ! How long, oh, who may tell ! 


Away ! Away ! on the wings of the wind 

We bound o'er the blue of the sea. 
Away ! oh, away ! but never to find 

A land like the home of the free. 
A mist on mine eye ! A mist on yon shore ! 

A mist o'er the ocean and sky ! 
Away! yet away! bright climes smile before! 

Hope breathes in our sails as we fly. 

Away! yes, away! though leave we the spot 

Where parting was thrill'd with its kiss ! 
Away ! still away ! but never forgot 

The tear that gave rapture to bliss. 
Heaven bind as we fly bright wings on each hour 

To waft 'round the circle of earth! 
Away ! oh, away ! Guard Almighty Power 

Our home and the land of our birth ! 


Oh, long did Old Night rule o'er all in his might, 

Sitting black as the robe of his gloom, 
And the atoms did play in their wild, wild way, 

Yet of life e'en as void as the tomb. 
Then God said, Let Light be ! and forth I flasrTd free 

In my glory forever to shine; 
And 'tis life I will bring, and joy on my wing, 

While the robe of creation is mine. 

My dazzle of rays hides the Ancient of Days 

In the clouds that encircle his throne; 
My mantle of beams, in it's brilliance of gleams, 

But by me could be woven alone. 
Each seraph must shine in my halo divine, 

And I bind him around with his robe; 
Nor shimmers a star, nor a sun flames afar, 

Unless I will engirdle its globe. 

And the rainbow I form, and paint on the storm, 
And I curve 'round each glittering hue, 

Where the Maker Divine, pavilion'd doth shine 
In the splendor which I o'er Him threw. 

Lo! wide Nature I fill with joy's keenest thrill, 

And the songs of the angels inspire; 
Nor a harp can be found, nor a lip to give sound, 

If my beam will not kindle the fire. 

Through these atoms so dark, when flashes my spark, 

Lo ! a thousand round worlds shall be born, 
To sweep and to turn, and to beam and to burn, 

And Til cheer them with even and morn. 
I'll see this wide gloom, ever blossom and bloom, 

When my suns in their glory arise, 
And the light here shall beam, and life here shall teem, 

Where eternal the smile of the skies. 




The twilight dim 
Lines ocean's brim; 
And stars from sight 
Hide in the light, 
Whose burnish'd gold 
O'er heav'n is roll'd. 
As the sun above the sky 
Lifts his royal head on high. 
His beamy way, 
Where splendors play 
With flaming ray, 
Makes radiant day. 
As the dewdrops glow 
On the flowers bent low, 
And the sunbeams flash 
Where bright rivers dash, 
Hark ! the groves warble loud 
To the lark in his cloud, 
And rosy morning's voice 
Bids waking earth rejoice. 


That monarch sun, 
His race half run, 
Sits throned in light 
On the heav'n's height : 
A crown of beams about his head, 
Bright robes of glory 'round him spread ! 
Now the shadows grow small 
From the quivering wall, 
And field and hill 
With heat are still. 
How the pulse of the world beats exhausted and low ! 
How the breath of the world comes hard, panting and 

slow ! 
How the face of the world is one broad burning glow ! 
While the day, in his ire, 
Like a furnace of fire, 
Scorches noon. 


On the earth a holy hush, 
On the sky a purple blush 
Soft eve proclaim. 


Down the golden gates of day 
Sinks the sun with slanted ray. 
From yon wooded hill 
In the twilight still 
Cries the whippoorwill. 
The night-owl in his oak 
Hears the frog's solemn croak ; 
The crickets chirp, the beetles drum 
'Til earth is lull'd with insect hum. 
As shadows deeper grow, 
And the winds whisper low, 
Hush! with that fading light 
Eve sinks away in night! 


The silent stars are in the sky, 
The moon amid her clouds rides high, 
Whose quivering light — soft, bright and still- 
Silvers the vale and bathes the hill. 

Comes through the dark 

The night-dog's bark, 

While mortals sleep 

In slumbers deep. 
The fox steals forth with stealthy tread; 
Beneath his wing the fowl's dull head. 

Where rivers flow 

The mists creep low. 

Now, dreams invade 

From realms of shade, 
As midnight's awful shadow has its birth, 
To wrap like death in deeper sleep the earth. 




Deep in a cavern of the earth 
My little stream has mystic birth, 
Then flows to sight 
In morning light. 
Where leaning trees with arching tops ascend, 
And o'er a mossy rock dim shadows blend, 
With perfume 
In the gloom, 
Emerging comes my boat 
In waters bright to float. 
Beneath a smiling sky 
'Mid roses soft I lie, 
While wings of Hours waft by. 
Gay flowers on either side the waters kiss, 
Whose quiet shadows sleep the types of bliss, 
Xor gentle clouds that sail above I miss, 
Too fair in beauty for a world like this. 
With form most bright, 
And brow of light 
To calm my fears, 
An angel steers. 

As with dimpled cheeks I glide, 

Where soft-rippling flows the tide, 

And sweet-scented breezes chide, 

Lo! heav'n's seraph-bands preside, 
Waving their golden wings while childhood, pure and 

A brilliant morning vision floats across the sight. 


Brighter the roses flush ; 
Deeper the cloud's red blush 
As I glide 
O'er the tide. 
Let yon angel on the land, 
In his foolish sorrow, stand, 
Since no more I need his hand. 
Adieu, every fear ! 
My own boat I steer ! 
Faster, ye Hours ! 
Strain all your powers ! 
Hands try! 
Feet fly ! 
Wings vie 
Till we fly, till we fly, 
Like clouds upon the sky! 

At my boat of oak 

Let age snarl and croak ! 

Against von shore 

Let waters roar! 

With wild turmoil, 

Ye whirlpools boil ! 

And demons stare, 

In hellish glare ! 
See ! smiling far above 
Are Fame, and Wealth, and Love ! 

Scorning measure 

Brilliant Pleasure, 
Her temple in the sky, 
With its dome bright and high, 
A glory in mine eye. 

Builds for youth ! 


A wildering glare 
Blinds in the air ! 

The lightnings dazzling flash ! 

How the deafening thunders crash ! 

Wild, hungering billows dash! 
Xo angel guide 
Smiles at my side ! 

But avaunt, grim Despair! 
Earth's perils, all I dare, 
And man's life-burden bear ! 
Ye torrents roar and rave ! 
Your madness I will brave, 
And ride each murderous wave ! 
Then, lightnings, swifter fly! 
Storms wilder rend the sky ! 
Rush, waters, wilder by! 
Your fury I defy ! 

Should Ruin's shock 

Creation rock, 
While helps my own right hand, 
God, make my manhood stand! 


Life's fires have ceased to glow! 
My feebled pulse beats slow! 
This silver'd head bows low ! 

My shatter'd boat 

Just keeps afloat! 
Return'd Life's angel sheds on me his ray, 
And steers my age to his celestial day ! 

If, dark 'round me, 
Rolls thy far sea, 
Through thy gloom, thick and high, 
From its own supernal sky, 
Heaven pours its blaze of beams 
'Til Earth a glory seems. 
Leaving the Form Divine, 'round which they bend, 
My guarding angels now on me descend ! 
With them I'll soar to bliss above, 
Where Age will turn Immortal Youth 
As Christ, it sees, Incarnate Truth, 
And Life, and Everlasting Love. 



Cry aloud ! Cry aloud ! All hail the Kingly Sun ! 
On his throne without a cloud his high reign he hath 

Cry aloud ! Cry aloud ! the cherubim should sing ; 
May this monarch, bright and proud, life and glory 

ever fling ! 

In whispers we will sing as comes the Queen of Night. 
Oh, how beautiful a thing! like a spirit of the light! 
Lo, breathe the softest string, as bright she lifts her 

As she sails without a wing, and for ages be her race ! 

Oh, be mute ! Oh, be mute ! the stars are in the sky. 
Oh, stop the harp and lute as their glory passes by ! 
They glitter as they move along their march sublime ; 
Let them fling their light of love over all the night of 
time ! 

To Him be all the praise from whom the splendors 

Oh, most wonderful his ways, and Jehovah is His 

name ! 


Are His worlds o'er heav'n sown like gems which 

beauty grace? 
What, the brightness of his throne! What, the glory 

of His face ! 



When joyous Spring first clothed the trees, 

How beautiful and bright 
The leaves were dancing in the breeze 

And flashing in the light! 

While Summer glow'd with fiery breath, 

Fresh vigor still they found, 
And laugh'd away the spectre Death, 

And, tinkling, spurn'd the ground. 

With dying glories Autumn came, 

Before chill Winter's gloom, 
And kindled his funereal flame 

That decks leaves for the tomb. 

Now, crisp'd and brown and torn and dry, 

Sport of the tempest's breath, 
O'er earth and sky they whirl and fly, 

As lone and drear as death. 

But, as from leaves in dark decay 

Majestic forests rise, 
Our dust will spring in Christ's great day 

Immortal for the skies. 



Oh, sweet Home of my Childhood! I think of thee 

With the light of this glory so bright on my brow ; 
Since God did ordain thee dearest place of my birth, 
In His Heav'n I'll love thee even more than on earth. 

Oh, Home of my Childhood ! now the angels do sing 
In their rapture around the high throne of their King ; 
As I shine with the throng, as I gaze through this 

How thy image of beauty will float o'er my sight ! 

And as long as these ages eternal shall roll 

Their fresh tides of glory still more bright o'er my 

Ever, Home of my Childhood, thy mem'ry shall be, 
As years shall flow onward, so much dearer to me. 



Our God is templed in his universe : 
Before crogtion was at thy command 
Sublime thy solitary majesty! 
All Being's chain begins and ends in Thee 
From and by and for whom is existence. 
In the wild, mystic circuits of their change, 
Impelled by Thee, the elements combine. 
Light shines thy glory circled in vast suns, 
Diffusing thence the life of teeming spheres, 
Whose myriad angels serve Creation's King. 
Electric Force that thunders in the clouds, 
And flashes over earth the thought of man, 
And moves all worlds, thy swift volition is. 
Form, Number, Law are what but Thee express'd, 
And Beauty, Grandeur and Sublimity ! 
Thy colors paint the world. Thy breath this breeze. 
Thy hand bends round the glittering rainbow-arch. 
Pillar'd sublime in Thee the dome of Heav'n ! 
Seasons from Thee roll, thy visible glory. 
Storms, billows, earthquakes, motions of thy will, 
And souls, immortal sparks struck out from Thee! 
Thy Power the bond, Thy Intellect the guide ; 
Thou, Centre, Life, Circumference of all ! 



How the winds are ever blowing, 
Which the flying clouds compel! 

How the streams are ever flowing, 
Which unresting oceans swell ! 

How the ghostly mists, ascending, 

Turn brightest clouds on heaven's face. 

Dropping rains, by wise intending, 
Shrinking rivers to replace ! 

Day and Night o'er earth are throwing 
Both their brightness and their gloom, 

While Life flies forever sowing, 
And Death harvests for his tomb. 

Seasons pass, and Time, advancing, 
Makes the empires rise and fall, 

'Til man sees, wherever glancing, 
Desolations which appall. 

But above are always glowing 
Mystic worlds serenely bright; 

With no tempests madly blowing, 
With no shadows in our sight. 

O'er earth's changes they are sweeping 

In serenity sublime, 
Held by Him within whose keeping 

Are eternity and time. 

Ever could those spheres, decaying, 

Be hurl'd back into night, 
Man. believing and obeying, 

Thine, the Everlasting Light! 


Born of the sun and rain, Mysterious Bow, 
How silently thine arch is flung o'er heav'n ! 
What Power invisible arrests the beams 
Bright — flashing down the sky, their hues untwists, 
And curves them o'er our world in majesty? 
Round, matchless Form ! do spirits in thee dwell, 
And bend thee o'er the sky, and weave thy charms, 
And run along thy glittering sides, and smile 
From thee o'er man, rejoicing in thy peace? 
No ! God 'tis spreads in air those tints of earth, 
Like its soft green of leaves, its violet's hue, 
The gold of fruits, the crimson of the rose, 
And all the color'd garniture of seasons. 
'Twas God thy grace conceived. God breathes thy hues. 
God hangs thee in the clouds, His pledge of peace. 
He bends thee splendid o'er the lonely sea, 
In which thy glory curves to tinge its waves. 
O'er boundless plains thy circling colors smile, 
Or soar aloft to span the gloom of woods, 
While towering high into thy gorgeous tints 
The spires of cities float. Grandly o'er vales, 
Pillar'd on mountain-tops, great Bow of Light, 
Majestically high thy glory stands, 
Bright type of Love, uniting Earth and Heaven ! 



On earth there is in hearts a sigh, 

And the dull throb of pain ; 
The teardrop trembles in the eye, 

And falls, to fall again. 

Change o'er our past his shadow threw, 
His brother, Death, was there; 

And e'en the sparkle of the dew 
Soon vanish'd into air. 

Wild phantoms o'er each mind will rush, 

With pain each body thrill ; 
And ere a brimming cup can blush, 

Its tempting wine may spill. 

The love that on the warm lip press'd 

To leave its tender kiss, 
Too soon leans o'er a cold, cold breast, 

And finds a woe for bliss. 

In Heaven alone ne'er fades the bloom 

Which can defy decay : 
And Christ, who brings us from the tomb, 

Will make immortal day, 


Can, O Spirit, thine Ideal 

Be obscured by mists of earth, 

While this dull, exacting Real 
Stifles a celestial birth? 

Why thrill senses, form'd for pleasure, 

With this agony of pain? 
Why do powers without a measure 

Never here their best attain? 

Why are plans forever failing 
In this scene of self and strife ? 

Why are hearts forever wailing, 
Crush'd beneath the load of life? 

Oh, must man, to Heaven aspiring, 
By earth's cares and duties bound, 

Sink, 'til with the struggle tiring, 
Grovelling, he loves the ground? 

Christ thy trust, know all is tending, 
Spirit, to thy growth above ! 

Saved in Him, we live ascending 
In eternal truth and love. 

Jesus is man's Grand Ideal, 

Bright beyond these clouds of time! 
True to Him, on earth our Real, 

Freed from self, becomes sublime. 



When Morning pencils on her bright'ning sky 

The first faint traceries of the coming day, 
One low, lone bird will thrill its melody 

Responsive to a solitary ray ; 
But as the sun floods heav'n and earth with gold, 

Each leaf grows tremulous with exulting strains, 
That gushing, mingling, swelling high, are roll'd, 

Til orchestras burst out from hills and dales and 

And thus from some cathedral's solemn walls 

A single voice will chant in melting tone, 
While from a single stop the organ calls, 

Thun'drous and deep, its supplicating moan. 
Xow ! hark ! each tongue, each key wakes music 
'round ; 

Peal upon peal, on billows billows rise, 
Til all the temple shakes with bursting sound 

From that exulting choir which thrills into the skies. 

In some lone vale of heav'n an angel strays, 
To view its glories, musing in the light. 

Xow, o'er his harp involuntary plays 

His trembling hand — his lip moves to the sight. 

One murmuring strain awakes a thousand strings ; 

Lofty and full, a gathering tide soon breaks ; 
Voice answers voice ; to seraph seraph sings, 

And mingling in the praise a universe partakes. 

Oh, thus I feel it is within my heart. 

Each mortal chord with earthly music thrills ; 
Wife, parent, child and country have their part; 

When friendship strikes her string pure rapture fills. 
But only Christ, my Master, wakes the whole ; 

Can touch each key, can harmonize each tone, 
And by his Cross stir love through all my soul, 

To burst, Immortal King, in songs around thy 
throne ! 


Forward! 'tis Jehovah's cloud 

Leads Israel to the sea ! 
Forward! Egypt, fierce and proud, 

Clanks chains behind the free! 

Forward ! Waves, thy mountain- walls, 
Shall tower along thy way ! 

Forward ! when thy Maker calls 
'Tis madness to delay. 

Forward! where yon guiding glow, 
For you makes safe the deep, 

Pharaoh's minions, buried low, 
Beneath the waves shall sleep. 

Forward ! in yon cloud and fire 
Jehovah makes his shrine. 

Forward ! neitiier stop nor tire, 
And what is best is thine. 

Forward, Israel ! fear no foes ! 

Thy rest is o'er the sea ; 
Milk there with the honey flows; 

The grape there waits for thee. 

Forward ! Heav'n's own fire shall die ; 

And Heav'n's own manna cease ; 
Then, Jehovah thy supply, 

Thy Bread, thy Light, thy Peace. 



What curious bosom never throbbed to roll 
Mysterious darkness from the burden'd soul ? 
Who would not tear his being's veil away, 
And burst to light in truth's eternal day? 
Oh, who glows not with burning wish to find 
Where tend these restless energies of mind — 
Where point these mystic passions and desires 
That hide in every breast their wasting fires? 

Faith lifts each cloud, the void of life supplies, 
Sheds light on earth, and leads us to the skies. 

What secret power, with universal force, 
Can atoms join, and worlds keep in their course? 
True as the spell that points to Heaven a soul, 
What makes the needle tremble to the pole — 
Beams in the twilight-star with golden ray, 
And, flashing from the sun, sheds 'round the day? 
Or tell, what power invisible can bind 
Insentient matter to immortal mind ? 

Lo, Science points, where, quivering o'er the sky, 
With vivid joy, the frantic lightnings fly, 
And finds through worlds electric forces reign, 
To bind creation in one mystic chain. 


Thus, in the spirit-world, with sovereign sway, 
Faith rules and calls its energies in play; 
Over the unseen empire has control — 
Explains, pervades and regulates the whole. 

Turn where we may, the curious eve surveys 
Through the wide circles of the social maze — 
From the lone hut, where squalid misery pines, 
To where, in pride, the splendid palace shines ; 
From the drear isle, where rude barbarians dwell, 
To lands where Science breathes her magic spell — 
Each living link in our vast human round, 
To the whole chain by Heav'n's deep wisdom bound, 
'Til trust in others, from our infant breath, 
Through all life's sorrows to the shades of death, 
Joins man to man, forms ties of sacred love, 
And points us to eternal worlds above. 

Faith, too, in SELF, when obstacles oppose, 
Which in the breast of modest genius glows, 
Alone can fire the daring soul for flight 
Beyond the clouds that veil the fields of light. 
Let dark Distrust enjoy her shadowy reign — 
Let fears of failure haunt the troubled brain, 


The arm will lose its force, the mind its fire, 
And every lofty scheme in right expire. 
When Danger scowls, when Penury's chill frown 
Palsies the heart, and weighs the spirit down; 
When withering scorn, the jeer of silly mirth, 
Would drag the bold adventurer back to earth, 
O'er doubts triumphant, and unmoved by sneers, 
His eye will brighten 'mid a mist of tears. 
On Faith's exultant wing behold him rise 
And drop his prophet-mantle from the skies ! 

Illustrious Hope ! my brighten'd glance descries 
Thy glittering pinions wave before mine eyes. 
Radiant, I see thy graceful image where 
Yon son of genius sinks into despair. 
'Tis thine, indeed, to bid the shades depart, 
That cloud his brow and agonize his heart ; 
'Tis thine with glowing pictures to inflame 
Immortal ardors for the wreath of Fame ; 
'Tis thine the Future's curtain to unroll, 
And stream bright glories on the hero's soul ; 
But soon thy colors fade, thy visions fly 
Like painted vapors when a breeze may sigh, 
Unless, with loftier brow and nobler mien, 
Majestic Faith descends to rule the scene. 


Yes ! thou, inspiring Faith, in trial's day, 

When night draws 'round, and storms burst on our 

way ; 
When from their depths, in rage, wild oceans rise, 
And dash malignant fury to the skies ; 
Thou, Faith, like Him, whose majesty confess'd, 
Hush'd by his word, as God, the waves to rest — 
Dost calm our fears, dost turn our raptured sight 
Where tempests never sweep in paths of night. 

Let, blissful Faith, thy magic wand but wave, 
Point through the Cross to Him beyond the grave; 
Griefs bloom with joys, bright rainbow-lustres play : 
Despair then smiles and midnight turns to day. 

See, as they part, yon mother kiss her boy! 
While sighs delay the word that clouds her joy, 
She cries, though, from her eyes the tears will flow, 
As clasp her arms the form most dear below — 
"My son, when first thy little lip I press'd 
A mother's love was bliss within my breast. 
What joy thrill'd through my heart and mingled pride, 
As stretch'd thy hands above thy cradle's side, 
While o'er thy cheeks bright smiles the roses chase, 
Reflected from thv hovering angel's face. 


Laid on the grass, I see thine image now, 
And boyhood's curls wave clustering o'er thy brow. 
Now, trust, my son, since manhood bids us part, 
And veils with sorrow's shade my widow'd heart, 
Oh, trust, when tempests darken trial's day, 
Thy father's God and mine to guard thy way." 
He goes, while filial tears his cheeks suffuse, 
Flush'd with his youth his path of life to choose. 
And when Temptation spreads her glittering snare, 
When Pleasure smiles to drag him to despair, 
A Mother's Faith, his shield in peril's hour, 
Defies a world, and baffles demon-power. 

And when tornadoes burst from angry clouds, 
When lightnings leap across the vessel's shrouds ; 
When thunders peal wild answers to the waves, 
And ocean, lash'd to madness, yawns with graves ; 
When Hope forsakes and agonizing cries 
Above the battling elements arise, 
At home the wife bids storms no longer blow ; 
Her Faith chains down the seas that rave below, 
And spreads the sail, and willing makes the breeze 
Speed him most loved safe o'er peaceful seas. 

What breast the brilliant vision never knew 
That gilds earth's future with Hope's radiant hue ! 


Yes ! oft we see our world's dark veil unroll'd, 
And peaceful glory crown an age of gold. 
From time's first dawn the varied cycles share 
A dream that lifts our race from its despair, 
Since, in each soul immortal wish has birth, 
And yearns the glow of Heav'n to spread o'er earth. 

What power omnipotent shall burst our chain, 
And o'er our world make Love resplendent reign? 
Can Science, with her orient ray, dispel 
A gloom that blackens like the shades of hell? 
Our Reason, in her wisest laws expressed, 
Has never tamed the passions in man's breast; 
Xot hers to bind wild nations to her car 
Triumphant o'er the self that makes earth's war. 
Above Time's clouds, Bright Faith, I see thy form 
Tower from thy sun-lit rock amid the storm ; 
High in thy hand the Word of God appears 
To gild earth's darkness with Sabbatic Years. 

In Promise armored, Faith, I hear thy cry, 
Peal like an angel-trumpet from the sky : 
"My Christian warriors, go! Your standard raise, 
'Til over earth millenial glories blaze ! 
Where stormy winters sweep around the pole, 
And suns, unsetting, weary circles roll; 


Where Nature painted in her torrid ray 

Seems gorgeous as the morn-clouds of the day, 

Lift high the Cross ! Let Brahma raise his fanes 

And torture flesh, and sadden India's plains ; 

While Boodh's dark millions in their temples bend, 

In hope that nothingness may be their end. 

Let China's torches in the midnight glare. 

And demons mock mid ruins they prepare ; 

Let Moslem crescents o'er Judea glow, 

And Turkish vengeance fatal death-bolts throw ; 

Let crimson'd tyrants redden in their gloom, 

Arm'd with their flames, to make for Faith a tomb, 

Yet, Heav'n your shield, my Christian-warriors, go! 

The earth your battlefield and hell your foe ; 

Lift high the Cross, and Science now will rise 

To hail our Gospel-Angel as he flies; 

And Life's immortal pages from her hand 

Shall be Salvation's seed in every land, 

While news shall, flashing, fly along each wire 

Of nations baptized with the Spirit's fire. 

Lift high the Cross ! Soon War's death-trumpet no 

Shall peal its battle-notes from shore to shore ; 
Xo chain shall clank, no superstitions throw 
Grim spectral shadows o'er a world of woe. 


Lift high the Cross ! 'Til Truth shall scatter night, 
And Love's bright morn shed universal light; 
From clime to clime one wide effulgence stream, 
And Heav'n and Earth commingle in the beam. 

All-conquering Faith ! thy hand has tamed the wave ; 
Has snatch'd from death and his corrupting grave; 
Thy word has calmed the tempest's boisterous force, 
And stopp'd the sun in his eternal course : 
Nay! Moved the God who guides with boundless 

The vast creation wheeling in his sight ; 
And Fie must rule, with master-power and art, 
The warring passions of each human heart. 
Omnipotence alone in Christ can bind 
The waves and tempests of the deathless mind. 

Offspring of Faith, Immortal Love, oh bring 
A world in penitence before her King. 
Her sin remitted, earth shall yet arise, 
And fling a conquering banner to the skies. 

Triumphant Faith ! Let Science from her throne 
Show Nature's wonders 'round, from zone to zone; 
On tireless pinions bear the spirit far, 
To circle space and visit every star ; 


And sweep with Fancy on a bolder wing. 
Beyond where Reason soars, or Angels sing— - 
All theirs is thine — but wider thy embrace — 
Yon glittering worlds shall weary in their race ; 
Our earth shall burn, her skies shall melt away, 
And new creations have their passing day ; 
But from these wrecks of fire my Faith descries 
Eternal glories o'er each ruin rise. 



When morning with her ray 
Flashes the golden day, 
Let our glad thanks arise 
Bright-glowing as her skies! 

And when the bird songs swell 
From field, and hill, and dell, 
Earth, in loud chorus raise 
Thy matin-strain of praise ! 

With incense of the flower 
Breathed from the wood and bower, 
O, send my heart above 
Sweet fragrances of love. 

And as the King of Light 

The Earth and Heav'n makes bright, 

Blest Jesus, by thy grace, 

May we behold thy face ! 



When evening stillness brings the dew, 
Ere shadows veil a world from view, 
Calm let my whisper'd Vesper rise 
As the hush'd earth, and twilight skies! 

With the low murmur of the stream 
Which ripples in the moon's first beam, 
May the pure current of my soul 
To thee, my God, serenely roll ! 

While Heav'n with stars bends, vast and bright, 
Aw'd by the majesty of night, 
Reverent in earth's temple now 
Before Omnipotence I bow. 

Thus when the universe is found 
With solemn darkness veil'd around, 
To Jesus through the gloom I'll soar, 
And with a tranquil love adore. 



While weighs the weary chain, 
And creep my limbs with pain, 

Chill'd by the place ; 
Tears gushing from mine eyes, 
A prayer breathes through my sighs, 
And climbs into the skies — 

Jesus, thy grace! 

The grass, the flower, the stream, 
The blushing morning's beam, 

A mother's face, 
With my home pure and bright, 
All rush across my sight, 
As I cry from this night — 

Jesus, thy grace ! 

Dark, dark, dark here I lie, 
Shut out from earth and sky 

To end life's race ; 
Cold, cold, cold is this stone, 
Where chains clank to my moan, 
And these walls hear me groan — 

Jesus, thy grace! 

4 6 

But, Savior, through my night, 
A promise beams with light, 

And shows thy face ; 
Lo ! a bright gleam of gold ! 
I see the gates unfold ! 
Heav'n's glory I behold ! 

Jesus, thy grace ! 



The sullen river moans 

By these deep dungeon-stones 

So drearily! 
Yet fetter'd by my doom 
Within the midnight gloom 
Of this cold prison-tomb — 

My soul is free! 

Let tyrants screw the rack 
'Til twist my limbs, and crack 

With agony ! 
One thought shall not depart 
While crushing breaks my heart, 
And life-drops burst and start — 

My soul is free! 

And should the morrow's fire 
Flash round my head in ire 

'Mid demon-glee, 
That note shall swell the same 
Through the wild roar of flame 
Which wraps my writhing frame — 

My soul is free! 

4 8 

Oh, when I spring away 
To an eternal day 

And Jesus see, 
Then singing will I soar, 
Where tyrants harm no more, 
And smiles the golden shore — 

Mv soul is free ! 



Child of Heav'n, Immortal Love, 
Flashing from the throne above, 
Wing'd with light, appear, appear ! 
Sweetly smile away each tear ! 

Jesus, warm'd by Thee, my breast, 
With the Spirit's life-breath blest, 
Melts with thanks, and burns with praise, 
While joy gilds my happy days. 

Duty now, and death, and hell 
With no slavish fear compel; 
Jesus with his smile constrains ; 
In temptation's hour sustains. 

With His Love, life's path how bright ! 
Sweet the cross, the burden light; 
Death no longer frowns in gloom ; 
Glory gilds beyond the tomb. 



Father! to Thee I cry 

With burning brow, 
The prayer, the tear, the sigh 

Must move Thee now. 

Around, what mountains rise ! 

What clouds appear ! 
Wild tempests sweep my skies, 

And wake my fear. 

Oh ! bid these rocks divide — 

These billows cease ! 
Oh ! make these storms subside, 

And whisper peace ! 

Lo! Jesus clears my way; 

Shines through my night, 
His smile turns gloom to day; 

Brings peace and light. 

Hail, Jesus, brother, God! 

Through Thee this grace! 
I kiss thy Father's rod, 

And see his face. 


Jesus, the glory of thy face 
In Heav'n now brightest beams ; 

But shining thence with radiant grace 
Wide o'er Creation streams. 

Jesus, what films are on mine eye ! 

It cannot catch one ray ; 
And earth-clouds hang along my sky 

To hide from me thy day. 

Yet, Jesus, from within the veil 
Faith brings Thee to my heart, 

Till, when in death this flesh shall fail, 
Til see Thee as Thou art. 



Why dread the glance of cynic man 
When fails and dies each cherish'd plan? 
Why should the stinging word and sneer 
Start from mine eye one trembling tear? 

Let Fame, and Wealth, and Worldly Power 

Be wither'd like a morning flower; 

Let golden visions sink in night, 

As clouds when fades the evening's light — 

Let friends withdraw', and earth appear 
A chilling prison dark with fear, 
Where weep my eyes when feels my heart 
Man's trusted love in scorn depart — 

Yet, Jesus, in my lonely gloom, 
I will recall on earth thy tomb; 
Then see in Heav'n a tender eye 
That marks my sorrow from the sky. 

Oh ! if no bruis'd and weeping rose 
Unseen by Thee its fragrance throws, 
Then, Jesus, then, on time's drear wild 
Is known to Thee a suffering child. 


Oh ! Lord Jesus, fierce my fire ! 

But 'tis flame refines thy gold ; 
Burn away each vain desire, 

And to thy bright image mould! 

If, Lord Jesus, loud the blast, 

Tempests make thy trees more strong, 

Root into the mountain fast, 

Vigors breathe, and life prolong. 

'Though, Lord Jesus, hard the stroke, 

Let the beaten anvil ring ! 
When the chain of sin is broke, 

Free and glad, my soul shall sing. 

Touch, Lord Jesus, into light 
Grains which on thy censer lie! 

Fire must make their blackness bright, 
And with fragrance fill the sky. 

As, Lord Jesus, earth's young seed 
Looks to Heaven for shower and dew, 

Oh ! refresh me in my need ! 
With the Holy Ghost renew! 


Father! I all to Thee resign, 

And seek thy will alone ; 
Hush, struggling heart, nor dare repine ! 

Thy God is on the Throne. 

He leads a way I would not choose, 
Where thorns and rocks appear. 

Shall I his guidance hence refuse? 
Be dry thou gathering tear ! 

What though the storm, the cross, the fire, 

Arise along my way? 
My Father's will I yet desire, 

And look for realms of day. 

With grateful joy, with bursting praise, 

In Jesus loved below, 
I burn the loftier strain to raise 

Where angels sing and glow. 



When Guilt my suffering soul weighs down, 

Jesus, one look to Thee, 
Dispels the Father's righteous frown, 

And sets my conscience free. 

When Sorrow's cloud spreads o'er my sky, 

And gathers round my heart, 
Jesus, to Thee I lift mine eye ! 

A look — the shades depart. 

And in Temptation's dreadful hour 

When Earth and Hell unite, 
Jesus, a look arms me with power, 

And, lo, my foes take flight. 

When at Life's close, Death's dark, cold wave 

Around my head shall roll, 
Jesus, a look to Thee will save 

A sinking, shivering soul. 

And when beyond these realms of night, 

Jesus, I soar to Thee, 
A look through thy eternal light 

Thine image gives to me. 



Sinai's flame no longer now 
Blazes wrath around my brow : 
Now the Law with fiery breath, 
Cries not for eternal death. 

Not my groans, my griefs, my fears, 
Not soft penitential tears, 
Not confession of my sin 
Could deserve this peace within. 

Vigils, crosses, prayers were vain 
To dispel sin's secret pain ; 
All we do, think, suffer, feel, 
Sin's deep wound can never heal. 

Did the Spirit's graces bloom, 
Shed o'er earth their rich perfume, 
Bright as Heav'n's own roses spring, 
These could not our pardon bring. 

Could our lives like those above 
Glow with holiness and love, 
Angel-virtues, pure and high, 
Never could Salvation buy. 

Jesus, thy shed Blood alone 
Merits at thy Father's throne ; 
Takes the guilt, the stain away, 
Sealing to eternal day. 



Jesus, as man, thy blood I feel 
Flow'd from a kindred vein; 

And ev'ry drop was shed to heal 
A brother's wound and pain. 

Jesus, as man, thy soul did know 

In life, in death, for me, 
Each sickling gush, each writhing throe 

Of mortal agony. 

Jesus, as God, thy nature gave 

All merit to atone : 
And grace, and light, and power to save 

Through Thee, our Lord, alone. 

Jesus, as God, we Thee adore 
Whose glories matchless shine, 

And blend in one for evermore 
The Human, and Divine. 



Child of tears, oh, cease thy weeping, 

Ev'ry sin on Jesus cast! 
Linger not the burden keeping 

Thou must give to Him at last! 
All delay increases danger; 

Heavier makes thy load of guilt; 
Oh ! be then no more a stranger 

To the blood for thee He spilt. 

God's Law hast thou often broken? 

Oft the death of Christ refused? 
When the Holy Ghost has spoken, 

Was his whisper'd love abused? 
Jesus on his Cross atoning, 

All these sins on Him were laid ; 
Useless, then, and vain thy groaning 

If in blood thy debt He paid. 

Still dost stand in doubt delaying? 

Cannot life-drops melt thy heart? 
"It is finish'd !" hear Him saying! 

Flesh and soul for thee do part. 

Moves thee not a Savior dying? 

Let His grave persuade thy trust ! 
There, for thee, behold Him lying — 

God Incarnate in the dust! 

Angels stand, and cry, "Amazing! 

Cross, nor tomb his faith may gain!" 
Oh, then, doubter, upward gazing, 

On his Throne behold Him reign ! 
Jesus there, not mocked, and bleeding, 

Nor in mortal weakness lies ; 
But, in glory interceding, 

Draws thee to Him in the skies. 

Yield thyself, and now, believing, 

Pardon have through Jesus' death; 
And, the Holy Ghost receiving, 

Thou art born by God's own breath. 
Hark! to Heav'n fly seraphs singing! 

Let them tell the joy abroad 
'Till a universe is ringing 

O'er a sinner brought to God! 



Be hushed before the face of death, 

When a life he bears away: 
Removes from mortal lips their breath, 
Parts a spirit from its clay — 
Shivering, quivering 
Into day! 

One last fond look it turns to earth, 

All the past before its eyes, 
And then, with an immortal birth, 

Bursts from gloom to Paradise — 
Filling, thrilling 
i With surprise. 

Oh ! there uncloth'd it lives bright years 

While in dust the body sleeps ; 
On clouds a Great White Throne appears ! 
High the Judge majestic sweeps, 
Lightening, bright'ning 
Heav'n's far deeps ! 

See, starts the body from its clay 
In immortal beauty bright! 

And wing'd the soul — it cannot stay- 
Fills the flesh with living light, 
Blending — ending 
Death, and night ! 



Jesus, Lord, in might excelling, 

Thou by whom all worlds were made, 
Thine own Godhead in Thee dwelling 

On my dust shall be displayed. 
As all things by Thee are bounded, 

And as all exist in Thee, 
After death, by Thee surrounded, 

Shall my flesh immortal be. 

Thou who hung the stars in glory, 

Round our earth yon heav'ns who drew : 
Seraphs shaped to tell the story 

Of thy love forever new : 
Thou wilt watch, though widely flying, 

Over worlds my dust may fall; 
Thou wilt — time and space defying — 

Back the wandering atoms call. 

Shall each pulse, O Jesus, beating 
With the power Thou dost impart 

Waked from death, still throb repeating 
This same storv of thine art? 

6 4 

If my form be now amazing, 
Bright my risen flesh must be, 

When upon thy glory gazing 
I thine image fix in me. 



See, Heaven opens ! Now, behold 
Blazing far bright lamps of gold 

O'er the crystal sea! 
From the throne, light-circled o'er, 
Lightnings flame and thunders roar, 
While thy name swells evermore, 

Lamb of Calvary! 

Yes ! Though mock'd and crucified, 
Onward flows Salvation's tide 

Over Heaven from Thee! 
Thrill from Thee its bursts of praise ! 
Smile from Thee its bliss-bright days ! 
Beams from Thee its glory's blaze, 

Lamb of Calvary! 

Harps of Heaven assist our song! 
Saint and seraph roll along 

This great joy with me ! 
Thousand thousand voices sound ! 
Hear creation's farthest bound! 
Burst thy praise eternal sound, 

Lamb of Calvary! 


Jesus, my God, Redeemer, King, 

Shall I thy glory see? 
Cans't Thou from dust a brother bring, 

To dwell in light with Thee? 

Myself I yield, renounce my sin, 

I, in thy Blood believe! 
Thy Holy Spirit seals within 

The pardon I receive. 

When Death shall come and open wide 

The gate of Life to me, 
I shall, amid the glorified, 

Thy face, my Savior, see. 

King over all, with Godhead bright, 
We, brothers round thy throne, 

Will sing in everlasting light 
The Blood that saves thine own. 

6 7 


All nature feels the glad surprise; 

God in our Flesh we soon shall see ! 
Earth shout it upward to the skies, 

And let the joy immortal be! 

Ye Jews and Gentiles both prepare ! 

Jesus a world will come to save : 
His Cross for all He will declare 

Who conquer through His death the grave. 

Now dawns the time glad prophets told! 

Now types and shadows pass away, 
As vanish morning-beams of gold 

Lost in the brightness of the day. 

Ye sons of earth, your hearts attune, 

And angels wake in Heav'n each string! 

Our Jesus ye must welcome soon 
In strains which suit a God and King. 



Oh ! Bards of the Bible, dim is your story 
Of Jesus our God a babe on the earth! 

And, angels, ye catch but glimpses of glory 
Where lingers yon star to beam o'er his birth. 

The shadows and types at last disappearing, 

The long night of earth grows bright with morn's 

See, mists of ages from mortals are clearing! 
Lo ! bursis o'er our world the sun of Life's day ! 

Fly, angels of love, o'er yon heav'ns fly singing, 
And thrill all the worlds with notes ye must raise ! 

Ye sons, too, of earth, your rich tributes bringing, 
That infant your God, adore while ye praise! 

Say on a Cross He must hang for man bleeding! 

Say He must sleep in the gloom of the grave ! 
Yet, on the throne of his light interceding, 

Immortal in glory, Jesus will save. 

Creator, that babe, will come, all beholding, 

Our Judge on his throne bright-flashing with fire : 

And to his people forever unfolding 

Will reign God their King when suns shall expire. 



Can men their own Redeemer slay? 

Can rebels pierce his hands 
Who formed the sun to flash their day, 

And rules the angel-bands? 

Can God Incarnate bleed and die, 
Mock'd by the men He made? 

While seraphs serve Him in the sky, 
Shall He in earth be laid? 

Shall they to whom He gives each breath, 
And pulse and power to will, 

Use now their life to cause His death, 
And curse Him as they kill? 

Nay ! God they own Him while He dies ; 

He shakes the earth He stains ; 
While from his Cross burst anguish-cries, 

Rocks rend before His pains. 

The sun He form'd He turns to gloom, 
And makes the night His veil ; 

He calls the dead to leave the tomb 
And hear the living wail. 

Then burst His grave and death in chains, 

Our Jesus mounts His throne ; 
And there a King forever reigns, 

Whom saint and seraph own. 



Angel! roll the stone away! 

Lo! the tomb is open! 
Jesus comes forth into day, 

And death's power has broken. 

Earth could not her Maker hold, 

Jesus, King of Glory ; 
Nor decay his form enfold, 

And hell hear the story. 

God in man for death too strong! 

Mortals tell rejoicing! 
Angels roll the joy along, 

Your past songs outvoicing! 

Jesus, we in Thee will rise, 

To thy glory taken, 
And immortal in the skies 
Strains immortal waken. 
Hallelujah ! 


All-gextly lifted through the air, 

Majestic, Jesus, see! 
How could the earth confine Him where 

Both sin and death must be? 

God in our Flesh could only rise 
From these dark scenes of wo, 

And bear a glory to the skies 
Outdazzling all below. 

Ascending, smiles beam o'er his face, 
And earth, which pierced his heart, 

Beholds his hands drop down their grace, 
And with a blessing part. 

The mountain-top glows round with light 

As up his people gaze, 
Until a cloud hides Him from sight 

Where brighter splendors blaze. 

Let Heav'n her gates wide-open fling! 

Ye Angels, throng on throng, 
Take to his Throne with shouts our King, 

And glory be your song! 



Immortal Jesus! on thy throne 
Encircled with thy glorious light, 

Not Heav'n makes Thee forget thine own, 
Since in thine absence earth is night. 

Behold them kneel! behold them pray! 

A hush of stillness in the room; 
Thy Promise shines a beam of day, 

And Faith brings Thee to light their gloom 

But hark! prevails that wrestling plea: 
It parts the sky thy throne to move, 

And calls the Holy Ghost from Thee 
To conquer with thy cross of love. 

Without, the storm, the tongue, the fire! 

Within, a nobler flame's bright glow, 
To burn from hearts each base desire, 

And kindle Heav'n on earth below. 

The Holy Ghost will dwell with men : 
O'er Jew and Gentile spread his wing 

'Till Jesus to our world again 

Comes on his clouds, and reigns our King. 


See the burning temple fall ! 

Types consume by God appointed ; 
Jesus is a Priest for all : 

Him the Holy Ghost anointed. 
He came down for man to bleed : 
He arose for man to plead. 

Earth the altar where He dies, 
And his temple now Creation; 

Perfect his great Sacrifice 
Made for all in ev'ry nation. 

For a world the Gospel-feast! 

For a world this last High Priest ! 

Not the blood of beasts is shed : 
Thus no more is sin forgiven : 

Jesus once for all was dead : 

Aloft He took our Flesh to Heav'n. 

On his cross He did atone, 

And will save us from his throne. 

Sinners, now dispel your fears ! 
Jesus see on earth hang bleeding! 

Cannot this make dry your tears ? 

Then in Heav'n behold Him pleading ! 
He who died, can but forgive ; 
Look on Him, believe, and live! 

7 6 


Not the water from the fountain 

Takes away a stain of sin ; 
Brightest drops of vale or mountain 

Never yet made pure within. 
Oh ! Lord Jesus from the skies 
With the Holy Ghost baptize! 

Human words in music flowing, 
Void of grace, no hearts unite; 

While the Truth, when hate is glowing, 
Leaves behind a burn and blight. 

Oh ! Lord Jesus from the skies 

With the Holy Ghost baptize! 

What shall heal the wounds of ages, 
Spread o'er earth the reign of love, 

And breathe, e'en when Satan rages, 
All the calm of Heav'n above ? 

Oh ! Lord Jesus from the skies 

With the Holy Ghost baptize! 

See! the day of light is breaking! 
Savior, soon thy Church be one! 

Hark ! a sigh in all is waking ; 

It shall burst, and reach God's throne. 
Oh! Lord Jesus from the skies 
With the Holy Ghost baptize! 



Lo ! the mighty Heav'ns are bending 
With the weight of glory there ; 

Clouds of angels fly attending 

Up the Great White Throne to bear. 
Flames are flashing, 

And loud thunders burst through air. 

Hark! the trump of Christ is sounding! 

Heav'n and Earth before Him flee! 
And the dead crowd forth surrounding 

From the land, and from the sea ; 
All are bending — 
Slave and King both on the knee ! 

See the seal of ages broken 
And each mortal life display'd ! 

Lo ! the Book of God is open ! 
By his eye is all survcy'd ! 
His scale lifting, 

Ev'ry human soul is weigh'd. 

Ah! the judgment- work is ended: 
Fix'd eternal life, and death ! 

Fly to Heav'n, or Hell attended 
All whoe'er drew mortal breath ! 
Time is finished ! 
Thus the voice Almighty saith. 

High the Great White Throne returning, 

Jesus reigns forever King; 
Now the globe and sky are burning! 

Hence new Heav'ns and Earth shall spring. 
Hallelujah ! 

Let creation's praises ring! 



Bright o'er my heart a ray — 
Sweet morning-beam of day, 

Came from above, 
To show through tears my sin, 
The Life of God begin, 
And shed thy Light within — 

Thou Holy Dove! 

Oh ! Thou who waked from death, 
My birth was from thy breath, 

To peace and love ! 
That Jesus' Blood I share, 
Descend and witness bear, 
And seal me son and heir — 

Thou Holy Dove! 

While I a pilgrim go 
Through this wild scene of wo, 

And homebound move, 
Bright on thy Word still shine ! 
Show God the Father mine, 
And breathe thy love divine — 

Thou Holy Dove! 

Oh ! when Life's day is o'er, 
And earth can help no more, 

Come Thou in love! 
Spread o'er thy peaceful wing, 
And thy deep comfort bring, 
'Till I in glory sing — 

Thou Holy Dove! 



The melting Heav'ns are robed in fire : 

The solid Earth is burning ! 
Creation is a funeral pyre 
To Chaos wild returning. 
Day prophets saw : 
Day dread of awe, 
And ire. 

But when the flames have roll'd away 

No sun again bursts beaming : 
Bright flashes what eternal ray 

Where moon nor star are gleaming ? 
Christ fills the sight ; 
Christ is the light, 
And day. 

Round the new Earth new Heav'ns now bend 

Or saints in glory glowing ; 
Pure souls to bodies beauty lend 
In bliss and brightness growing : 
To part never ; 
In light ever 
To blend. 


But from our world bright we will roam 

The universe wide-winging; 
While Heav'n, all light, smiles down our dome, 
And hears our praises ringing — 
Earth supernal; 
Earth eternal, 
Our Home! 




In man there is a deep time cannot fill : 
A throb in eyes for charms they never see : 

In ears an ache for strains that not yet thrill : 
A sigh in hearts for something yet to be 

As long and vast as our eternity. 

Time mocks the dream it never can destroy, 

And we the visions chase fast as they flee ; 
Illusive shadows lead where no alloy 
Mars that immortal state in which to live is joy. 

Imperial genius burns with secret fire: 

Ideal Beauty, chasing, seeks in vain : 
The phantom near'd, intenser makes desire, 

But, ever miss'd, wakes agonizing pain. 
The sculptor's marble which his wreath doth gain, 

But leaves a hunger in the artist's breast; 
And magic pictures which o'er ages reign, 

The painter lure to dreams that give no rest. 

Yes ! Art triumphant most wears crowns the most 

Solyma, in Thee, is man's Ideal found ! 
Eternal Beauty flashes on our sight, 


Where Music breathes her bliss in every sound. 

Imagination, pinnacled in light, 
May rest her wing on the creation's height. 

Sublimed, each sense has that for which it pined 
In hopeless ache 'mid time's old curse and blight. 

Ethereal all and for all bliss refined, 

A universe attuned thrills each immortal mind. 

In vision once the brilliant City shone 
Bathed in its beauty of celestial light; 

Not dull with tarnislrd time-decaying stone. 
Its gold and gems flash'd down on my sight 
The beams of Him whose face dispels the night. 

Thee, Solyma, I saw, Creation's Queen, 

More dazzling than the sun when noon is bright, 

And by a dim and mortal vision seen, 

The city blinds the eye with its resplendent sheen. 

Around each storm was hush'd, nor roared one sea, 

And smiled above the blue, eternal skies, 
While all, from pain and death forever free, 

Had look more sweet than that of Paradise. 

Music mine ear, and Beauty thrill'd mine eyes, 
And forms of grace shone in celestial glow, 

No teardrop trembled, and no lip breathed sighs ; 

But in each heart love's whisper soft and low — 
Thy river of Salvation one everlasting flow ! 

Hast thou look'd on the Alps while yet the Spring 
Left on their sides the white, long-lingering snow, 

As down some mountain-gorge the sun did fling, 
In floods the splendors of his parting glow 
That made the steeps and peaks to turrets grow ? 

A glittering city, floating, seemed in air, 
And angels, in its light, to come and go, 

Until a cloud veils o'er the pageant rare, 

Where symbols in the skies immortal things declare. 

Tis thus in time, with our earth-vision dim, 
Would musing men on Alpine heights behold, 

O, Solyma, a dazzling image swim 

Of thy gem-flaming walls and streets of gold, 
To be remember'd when thy charms unfold. 

And yet how poor at eve that mountain-sight, 
Beside the glories in my dream unroll'd, 

When Beauty smiled in Solyma, the bright, 

And o'er the city poured her Everlasting Light ! 

Yes ! in that dream I saw all things made new. 
The same and not the same did earth appear ; 


Then glowing a vast sun she blazing grew, 
And in her light, my soul more large and clear. 
I felt my body, with a wondering fear, 

Chang'd to my spirit form and yet mine own. 
I was an essence of a loftier sphere, 

Flashing around the splendors which there shone, 

Where things terrestrial lost are in celestial known. 

Mine eye reach'd far with sights of beauty fill'd ; 

Mine ear drank, now, the sounds for which it 
Each nerve intense was with a rapture thrill'd, 

'Til in my joy my being glow'd and bunrd. 

What once took years was in quick moments learn'd. 
With glance dilate and wide as time and space 

To my Ideal Manhood I was turn'd, 
Yet made angelic in my form and face — 
My mortal beauty robed with an immortal grace. 

And now I saw within the City's gate, 

Whose pearl was turning on its hinge of gold, 

A shining One time could not emulate ; 
Yet, like myself, a man of human mould, 
Transfus'd with light 'til dazzling to behold, 

Such that the splendors which around him blaze 

Beam from within, and as they still unfold 
I see on him a diadem of rays 
Crown one who shines a type of man's eternal days. 

Not o'er our earth on faces sits repose. 

Impatience clouds and flashes from the eye, 
And o'er each feature passion changes throws. 

E'en when the man is throned in majesty 

A pain along his tortured nerves will fly, 
To show the worm amid the monarch's pride. 

Not in a world where death his work may ply 
Can peace in human hearts, or looks, preside, 
To breathe eternal calm o'er time's unrestful tide. 

In that celestial form I knew a soul 
Fix'd in its God and to its centre true. 

If once a storm around was heard to roll, 
All now was still as heaven's aerial blue, 
When ceas'd a lark which sang beyond my view. 

A victor in life's war, now hush'd its roar, 

Immortal hence his crown he conscious knew, 

Where change can come not, nor a whirlwind more 

Dash out its envious rage upon a waveless shore. 

8 9 

He smiled and look'd as I have seen the day 

When burst the young sun from his golden shroud, 

To send down on the world a flashing ray, 
Which, tinting morning on her crimson cloud, 
Awaked the sleeping birds to warble loud ; 

As if the king of heav'n, o'erbrimm'd with joy, 
Darted his beams amid a feathery crowd, 

To thus benign their tuneful throats employ, 

And one glad chorus raise without earth's sad alloy. 

Now, as I gaze, bursts music on mine ear, 

As I have heard in some cathedral hymn. 
Lo, myriad angel-shapes in light appear ! 

Transfigured mortals these, in grace and limb, 

To their Ideal, visible in Him, 
From whom their manhood finds and takes its all, 

And from w r hose Godhead's glory to the rim 
Of his creation rays will robing fall, 
And their own beauty give to what we lovely call. 

Where crowns are flashing and the palm-leaves wave, 
I saw the glorified in white array 'd, 

To sing round Him who died and rose to save. 
A hallelujah, for that grace display 'd, 
Burst from my lips, and, when the word was said, 

A universe roll'd on the triumph-sound, 

Whose music to creation's limit stray 'd, 
And thriird celestial hosts with joy around, 
Til not a silent harp or voiceless lip was found. 

Sometimes, when Evening sets her golden star 
In the blue bosom of an Alpine lake, 

From a dim mountain-cliff, heard, high and far, 
A musing shepherd's song will softly break, 
And soon the echoes of the rocks awake. 

Lip answers lip, and sound replies to sound, 
And, as new breasts new inspirations take, 

That twilight music swells and spreads around, 

Until, from peak to peak, the melodies rebound. 

Thus, Solyma, on thy resplendent hill, 

One angel-strain rose floating first in air ; 

One angel-lip then quiver'd to the thrill, 
But that a flame of glory kindled there, 
And mingling myriads in the joy did share. 

Hark! Hallelujahs ring from height to height, 
As cherubim to seraphim declare 

A bliss that burns through all the worlds of light, 

'Til this celestial song a universe made bright. 


Majestic Father! Thee we praise! 
O'er all Paternal Godhead Thou ! 
While cherubim with glory blaze 

We lowly bow. 
Our Father, we adore 
Thee from Thyself alone, 
Invisible for evermore, 

And yet our own. 

Almighty Son, 'tis Thee we see 
In One, Thou Human and Divine! 
The Father's image beams in Thee! 

His glory Thine! 
Creator, Thee, we praise ! 
Redeemer, Thee, we love ! 
Our God made Flesh on Thee we gaze 

In light above. 

Eternal Spirit, Thee, we bless! 
Forever, Thou Proceeding One! 
And from the Father Thee confess, 

And from the Son ! 
O, Breath of Life and Love! 
O, God by whom we sing ! 
Our Earth shall rest, Thou Holy Dove, 

Beneath thy wing! 

Glory to Father and to Son, 
And to the Spirit ever be! 
The Everlasting Three in One, 

And One in Three. 
Jehovah, each we sing ! 
Jehovah, all adore! 
And to our God Triune will bring 

Praise evermore!